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checkbaseone is specialized on mystery shopping, a specific form of market research, as well as related services.

Our understanding: constructive management based on authentic customer experience.

The whole range of our services is defined as "service checks". Service checks allow companies to analyze their current position from the customer’s perspective and consequently to determine measures to optimize the quality of service and consultation.

The objective of service checks is not to control individual employees, but to contribute to quality assurance in the long run. The optimization measures derived from the results lead to a higher customer and employee satisfaction and consequently to a higher customer loyalty. Our services enable companies to measure their current position of quality of service and consultation and subsequently to derive measures in terms of a continuous process of improvement. Individual customer experiences can be systematically gathered by means of mystery shopping.

Companies use mystery shopping as a management tool in order to ensure quality in the long run. Our testers act as authentic customers in the course of service checks and document their impressions afterwards. The behavior of the employees, the organization of the store or the implementation of measures could be analyzed for instance.

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