What does tester/shopper mean?

You, as a tester or shopper, go on behalf of checkbaseone to a store, restaurant etc. of our clients and act as a “real customer”. This includes for instance the purchase or exchange of a product, the observation of the store and arrangement of products or a consultation about a product or service. After the service check, you will enter your observations and impressions in your checkbaseone account in an online questionnaire. With that you allow our clients to identify possible weaknesses and to improve continuously.

How does the registration work?

  • You click on the registration link and completely fill in your personal data.
  • Checkbaseone records your data and will send you the contract for shoppers and your login data.

What does “casting email” mean?

If your profile corresponds to the specific requirements of our respective clients, we send you a request in the form of a “casting email”. This email provides basic information on the check(s) that have to be done (industry, period of implementation, remuneration etc.). You can log in to your account to see all forthcoming checks under “open opportunities”. If you are available and you would like to conduct one or several checks, you should answer as soon as possible by applying for the corresponding request. After your application, you can see the check in “my applications”. If the check is assigned to you, you will be informed by email. Afterwards, you can see the check under “assigned”. This means that you are obliged to complete the check in accordance with our instructions – we count on you!

If the check was assigned to someone else, it disappears from your account. We will contact you as soon as new checks will be available.

How am I remunerated for working with checkbaseone?

Your remuneration depends on the type of check, its duration and its scope. The casting email informs you about the remuneration per check. Thereby you can decide if you would like to participate in the project.

I do not remember my password. What shall I do?

The login window to your shopper account provides a link when you don’t remember your password. You will receive an email that allows you to set a new password. Passwords cannot be sent directly for safety reasons.

How do I get my remuneration?

In your shopper account you can see how much you have already earned. The balance can be cashed out anytime to your specified bank account.

How does a service check work?

  1. We contact you by sending a “casting email” to inform you about new service checks: For example, a mobile phone provider would like to evaluate the quality of consultation of its employees in Vienna and Lower Austria. The remuneration amounts to € 12.00 and the check should be carried out within the next week.
  2. You log in to your shopper account. The category “open opportunities” lists one or several checks, which are available for you. If you are available to complete a check, you can apply for a check by clicking on the button “apply”. You can see the check now in “my applications”.
  3. If the check is assigned to you, you will be informed by email. Afterwards, you can see the check under “assigned”. Please conduct only a check if you can see it under “assigned” and please follow all instructions!
  4. You have to read all information about the check (click on the balloon “i”) and all documents (scenario description, questionnaire etc.) BEFORE conducting the check!
  5. You have to conduct the check within the indicated period.
  6. You can either log in to your account on your computer or via app (MobiAudit) on your mobile device in order to fill in your observations of your service check.
  7. Our project teams will then examine the plausibility and content accuracy of your data.
  8. You will receive your remuneration for the compliance of our instructions and the correct reproduction of your observations. The remuneration will be directly credited to your shopper account.
  9. The balance can be cashed out anytime.

How are the checks assigned?

In general, only testers who meet the demands of our client receive a casting email. If more than one tester applies for the same check, we decide according to quality and reliability of previous checks among other criteria.

Do I get to know the check result?

No, we can only provide the collected data to our clients. But you can be sure that the results are communicated to the decision-makers of the company and serve as a basis for improvement measures.

Until when am I able to cancel an assigned check?

In general, we ask you to apply only for checks which you can complete reliably. Of course, emergencies or unexpected events can occur. In such a case, we kindly ask you to inform us at least 2 days prior to your assigned check.

Can someone else complete my check?

If you would like someone else to complete your check, we ask you to inform us 2 days before. Only if the person meets the demands, he/she can complete the check!

What happens if I am “busted”?

You should always pay attention to act “normally”- like real customers – and to not be recognized as a mystery shopper. However, if an employee addresses you directly during or after the service check, it would not be a bad thing. Please contact us directly so that we can take actions.